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XV Congresso Latino Americano de Rinologia e Cirurgia Facial 2017

E-mail do Dr. João Teles Junior, Vice-Presidente da Academia Brasileira de Rinologia – ABR

From:Clinica Sensorium
Sent: Friday, August 02, 2013 6:23 PM
To:Eric – RCVB
Subject: Re: XV Congresso Latino Americano de Rinologia e Cirurgia Facial – Rio de Janeiro 2017


Prezado Erick,
Agradeço sensibilizado o apoio do rio convention em relação ao congresso latino americano.
Nosso reconhecimento pelo excelente trabalho realizado pelos senhores que inclui desde a forma gentil como fomos recebidos até a entrega do excelente material que nos encaminhou. Sem duvidas, fator que muito contribui para que alcancemos nossa meta.
Forte abraço,
João Teles Junior



IMEX Las Vegas Carioca Cocktail Event

From:William T. SharpSent: Friday, October 28, 2011 3:50 PM
To:’Daniella Pedras – RCVB’
Subject: RE: Rio de Janeiro / IMEX Las Vegas Carioca Cocktail Event

Thank you for a great party! Rio was my favorite city in the world even before IMEX. This just solidifies the position.

Bill Sharp, Jr.
Product Development Manager
Indianapolis, IN
Ambassadair is a 2010 Travel Weekly Magellan Silver Medal Winner



From:Carey Kopetas, Global Tracks
Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 7:53 PM
To:Daniella Pedras – RCVB
Subject: RE: Rio de Janeiro / IMEX Las Vegas Carioca Cocktail Event
Thank you.   Your event at IMEX was fabulous!    We do have a small group coming for Carnival and are soooo excited!   Everything is booked!
Carey Kopetas
Director of Operations
Professional Education Society

From:Carole Machol
Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 5:21 PM
To:’Daniella Pedras – RCVB’
Subject: RE: Rio de Janeiro / IMEX Las Vegas Carioca Cocktail Event

Thank you for hosting us while in Las Vegas . Great event!! The next meeting I have going to Rio , I will definitely follow up with you as well.
Kind regards,

Carole Machol
Manager, Global Accounts


From:Deanne Vigil
Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2011 12:26 PM
Subject: RE: See You Tonight At SushiSamba for A Carioca Cocktail Event!

Thanks – it was a great event last night! I am disappointed I didn’t win any of the fabulous giveaways…I danced like crazy J, but I had great food, drinks and a fabulous time. Thanks for sharing everything about your fabulous city!!


Deanne Vigil
Director, Global Accounts


De: Harper, Peter
Enviada em: sábado, 22 de outubro de 2011 00:28
Para: gerenciadeeventos@rcvb.com.br
Assunto: RE: See You Tonight At SushiSamba for A Carioca Cocktail Event!
Thank you again for the invitation. It was a very nice event.
I hope that we can place a meeting in Rio before too long.


Peter Harper
Travel Manager
FEI Company
Hillsboro, OR


From: “Cristina Ferreira Iglesias”
Subject: Spanish journalist visit: Thank you

Dear all,

Just a short e-mail to thank all of you for your wonderful welcome, host and organization of the Spanish journalist visit. They have to much appreciate and enjoyed the Hotel in its natural or city exclusive and iconic location, your fantastic service and gastronomy and the activities and visits organized by Rio Convention Bureau (special thanks for the helicopter flight surprise!).

Their feed back is excellent and I look forward to see also their excellent articles!. As soon as they will begin to be released it will be a pleasure to send them to you.
Thank you again to all of you for your collaboration and your support.

Kind regards,

Cristina Ferreira
C/ Travesía Conde Duque, 9B
28015 Madrid
Tel: + 34 91 542 98 65
Movil: + 34 639 789 595



From: Sue Chester
Subject: Thank you

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to get in touch and thank you very much for organising the press trip to Rio so well.
I know that everyone in the group had a fantastic time and that was because it was so well organised and so well hosted. As a freelancer I really appreciated the trip. It gave me the chance to see a part of Brazil I would never have been able to get to otherwise, providing valuable opportunities to write and sell articles about Brazil to the UK.
I want to thank you again for making the trip such a pleasure. All too often people give negative feedback where they are dissatisfied but they rarely give positive feedback, which they often take for granted. So I hope you can now bask in this praise!

Best regards,

From: “Huw Hennessy”
Subject: THANKS!

Dear Girls

Excuse me for writing to you all together like this, but I just wanted
to say a BIG thanks to you all!

You looked after me so well on my trip to Rio earlier this month, and
told me masses of information and background tips, which could fill
several big books, let alone my little AA guide. It was great to meet
you all and discover a side of Rio I never knew – in 25 years I had
never been to one single museum! Now I feel properly educated in the
rich and diverse Carioca culture.

Many thanks to you all again, please keep in touch.


Huw Hennessy
29 Livonia Road
EX10 9JB
T/F: (0044-1) 395 577630